Letitia L. A. Najieb
Letitia L. A. Najieb


Healing humanity is a daily quest , although the sickest person is the one whose mind has gone to rot. What will rot the mind? Racism, Radical Rantings & unproductive behavior.  

                           - LLN




Luscious Savoy had played the game, she was not as clever as she thought.  

Her motives were pure, but her experiences unsure, and she had been sniffed out as a mark. 

He had met his next conquest and he knew it was true 




Cont. -

because Luscious Savoy was naive and easy to appease, a victim ripe and ready for the confidence game to be squeezed.

 Yes, she had stepped into his lair. Now all was fair.  

 He had found the person that would fill the bill to put him on Knob Hill.........

                          - LLN


Letitia L. A. Najieb is an aspiring new Indie author located in Los Angeles,CA. Letitia's recent work includes writing the novella "Nellie Mae's Narrative" and the follow up novel "Luscious Savoy," both being a part of the Unstoppable Women series.

My new book  "Luscious Savoy"  has been published as of 12/19/2014, and I am looking forward to my readers' response.  Luscious Savoy is longer and even more intriguing from the first installment in this series; that much I can tell you.  Interested?  Take a preview now, www.createspace.com/Preview/1154436.  Also click on the Book Link above for all listed books and to Buy your copy. 

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